5 essential ways graphic design is being used during the covid-19 chaos

Designers are creative problem solvers by their very nature. They are looking for imaginative solutions to perhaps the most complicated of briefs. It is only deemed necessary that design should play a role in helping address the current Coronavirus crisis.

1. As a vital instrument of communication

If times are difficult, and people are afraid, frustrated, and unsure, it’s important that all contact is simple and understandable. Information and messaging need to be accurate, direct and give clear guidance to people on what they should be doing. The famous (World War 2) signs urging civilians to ‘keep cool and move on’ are a brilliant example of architecture in a moment of crisis. A basic message simultaneously comforts and instructs in a way worthy of faith, and changeable in behaviour. Infographics are commonly being used to clarify in a quick and simple way what people should do.

2. To reinforce and help preserve guidelines on social isolation

We love to queue in many places either in commercial or social gathering venues, but our queuing etiquette has to change with social distancing. The Government advises that if we have to get out of the house, we need to stay 2 meters away from people who do not always stay in our house. But in reality, not everybody will be clear as far as that is, and again, graphic design is helping. In supermarkets, train stations and hospitals, simple vinyl flooring has been installed which serves as a clear, visible and easy to follow reminder, to help people maintain a safe distance from one another.

3. Design for Shifting Perspective

During the COVID-19 outbreak period one has to realize that Design is not just art, it is a way of thinking and once you get to know this beautiful way of thinking, you will never again see the world in the same way.  A graphic designer created all of the things that you interact with each day. These elements express an idea or concept — this is the purpose of graphic design. This is the responsibility of a graphic designer to balance imagination with technique in order to interact efficiently with the people around him (this is why strong communication skills are as much a part of the design arsenal as they are originality).

4. Empathic Visual Identity

Each individual has their own special tale to tell — from people to small companies to big business during this COVID-19 era. It’s time to give them a voice once those stories are crafted. It is here that a graphic designer comes in. They collaborate with the customer to create a visual portrayal of their brand (their brand identity) to inject life into their plot, bringing into the storyline forms, colors and pictures. They hope to leave a lasting impression of the brand in the public’s mind through the careful use of imagery that reflects that empathic feeling and reassuring tone that will keep the brand connected with its number one fans.

5. Lighten Up Life

Mental health is a huge problem as the majority of people are struggling to adapt and come to grips with the new situation of social isolation for longer periods of time. A graphic designer should use the art of imagination and skill to lighten up the mindset of people during this trying times and bring some happiness in the room.

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