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Trailblazer FM ™ – Web agency podcast with Lee Matthew Jackson

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51:2 Can automation prevent burnout? – Cat Burchmore
byLee Matthew Jackson

Overwhelmed, overworked, on the brink of burnout? Agency life is known for its fast pace and demanding clients, and I know from personal experience how burnout can completely de-rail you. As I slowly return recovery, I invited Cat Burchmore onto the podcast to help me learn how I could prevent burnout as a business owner by leaning on automation more.

In this episode we explore how implementing automation strategies can help you avoid burnout and take control of your well-being. Cat shares her insights on how automating tasks like client onboarding, invoicing, and project management can free up your time, reduce stress, and improve your overall work-life balance.

Of course automation isn’t just about making your life easier – it’s also about providing a better experience for your clients. Cat shares how automation can help you deliver a more personalised and efficient service, without sacrificing the human touch. Heck in this day and age we all need a more human touch!

Full show notes: https://trailblazer.fm/can-automation-prevent-burnout/

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