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Trailblazer FM ™ – Web agency podcast with Lee Matthew Jackson

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50:7 Is time tracking actually holding you back? – Ilia Markov
byLee Matthew Jackson

Time tracking is often seen as a necessary evil – something that takes time away from doing client work or feels like micromanaging employees. In this episode I interview Ilia from Toggl to discover why those assumptions are wrong.

We discuss real-world examples of how time tracking provides valuable data to help agencies work more efficiently, provide better project estimates, optimise team members’ time, identify profitable versus unprofitable clients, and ultimately achieve better profitability and work-life balance.

Ilia shares tips on how agency owners can implement time tracking in a way that gets buy-in from employees and avoids it feeling punitive. If you think time tracking is a drag that holds your agency back, this myth-busting episode will surprise you and highlight the many bottom-line benefits tracking time can unlock!

Full show notes: https://trailblazer.fm/is-time-tracking-holding-you-back/

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