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Atomic Habits is a tried-and-true framework for creating advantageous habits and eradicating harmful ones. It is a Simple and Proven Method for Creating and Breaking Habits. It illustrates how tiny behavioral changes can lead to the formation of new habits and enable you to achieve great things by citing scientific studies and real-world experiences.

The number one best-seller on New York Times. More than a million copies sold!

Outstanding Results from Small Changes

Whatever your goals, Atomic Habits offers a framework for everyday development. James Clear, one of the world’s greatest experts on habit formation, offers strategies that will show you exactly how to develop good habits, break bad ones, and master the small actions that result in amazing results.

It’s not you if you find it difficult to alter your behavior. The system on your computer is broken. Recurring bad behaviors are not a sign that you don’t want to change; rather, it indicates that your method of change is ineffective. You don’t complete what you set out to do. To the extent of your systems, you decline. You can achieve new heights using this tried-and-true strategy.

Clear is known for his talent at distilling complex ideas into straightforward actions that can be used to both the professional and personal life. He creates an easy-to-follow plan for making positive behaviors inescapable and negative ones unavoidable using the most scientifically sound ideas from biology, psychology, and neuroscience. Genuine accounts of Olympic gold medalists, award-winning artists, business executives, life-saving doctors, and famous comedians who used the science of tiny habits to master their professions and rise to the top of their domains will inspire and thrill listeners along the way.

Learn how to:

  • Schedule new habits (even when your life is busy)
  • Overcome a lack of desire and willpower
  • Create an environment that makes success easier

If you want to alter your habits, whether you’re a team trying to win a championship, an organization trying to change an industry, or a person trying to stop smoking, get in shape, manage stress, or accomplish any other goal, Atomic Habits will shift the way you think about progress and success.

Key ideas in this book:

  • Habits are instinctive behaviors that we’ve learnt through experience
  • Small habits can have a tremendous impact on your life.
  • To form new habits, you need a strategy and indicators that are difficult to ignore.
  • Habits will be more likely to persist if they are appealing since people are motivated by the desire to receive something in return.
  • Make a new habit as simple as you can if you want to.
  • You need to offer someone what they want straight immediately if you want to modify their behavior.
  • Create a strategy to control your habits utilizing trackers and agreements.

About the Author:

James Clear is a businessman and author who focuses on habits and how they may promote personal growth. In a weekly email that is read by hundreds of thousands of people, Clear tells stories from his own life as well as the lives of successful people in business, sports, the arts, and other fields. In this newsletter, he also discusses the science of behavior and habits.

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