Befriending Fear

It’s 4 am I’m wide awake with beads of sweat on my forehead thinking out aloud where I’m headed. My heart is racing because I’m not sure if things are going to pan out as I had earlier envisioned. My land lady is closely monitoring the movements of my M-Pesa Activities (“That’s what I’m imagining but it’s not true just paranoia”) even though i’m in her good books and I pray it remains that way. I start walking around the house thinking. Is my business strategy going to work? I’m complicating my pricing strategy? Is my business prepared to go full swing into battle? Since I switched all my business transactions and activities online it has been a struggle trying to make everything work. I peer into my hot water kettle as water is boiling as I wait to brew some Medium Roast, Medium Grind Coffee that is Hand roasted with love (“Thank you Java House”). I felt a feeling of magnificence with each sip of the lovely brew that left my soul comforted. I realized in that moment that sometimes we need to be vulnerable to fear, we need to get the courage to embrace fear and then use it to propel ourselves to heights we could never imagine before.

As i sat down with a pen and paper and started writing some creative ideas on how I’m going to execute my business strategy, i started getting the courage and boldness of a lion walking into a club house full of buffaloes trying to prove a point in the midst of yearning for a meal. I reassured myself that sometimes it’s better to take risks rather than live a life of what if. It’s better to try and win or lose rather than playing it safe. By the time I was done writing I realized that we all have fears about things in life we need to conquer and be the best we could ever be. I finally reminded myself why I ventured into the startup life and how I felt to be in control of my destiny. As i prepare myself to work on projects that sometimes scare the hell out of me that is when i do my best work which is surprisingly interesting.

By letting my fears play out I want to see how far I can go. Ask yourself what would happen if you embraced your fears and how it will change the way you live and work. March on and conquer!

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