Building Web Apps with WordPress: WordPress as an Application Framework

WordPress is a multifaceted platform that extends beyond its initial purpose as a blogging tool. This practical guide effectively illustrates the versatility of WordPress as a platform for developing web applications of various kinds. It highlights the capability of WordPress to create comprehensive applications tailored to specific needs, rather than being limited to simple content-based websites. Individuals who possess proficiency in PHP, along with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, will get knowledge on utilizing WordPress plugins and themes for the purpose of creating efficient, adaptable, and secure web applications, native mobile applications, web services, and even a network of interconnected WordPress sites. The book “Building Web Apps with WordPress” adopts a novel perspective by drawing comparisons between the WordPress core and widely-used frameworks for app development. This publication is a comprehensive resource on WordPress, focusing on the utilization of themes for visual aesthetics and plugins for enhancing the backend functionality of applications. This text provides a straightforward explanation of the process involved in developing robust and scalable web applications, mobile applications, web services, and WordPress multisite networks. The book was authored with the intention of catering to a target audience consisting of proficient users and software engineers.


  • Brian Messenlehner
  • Jason Coleman
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