Do we really need an Office?

As I was growing up i always admired the office lifestyle, the allure of the TV show Mad Men and how office life was something of an enigma to one’s career badge of honor. After completing my formal education, working in an organization where I had a title, had my desk in the office, participated in office watercooler banter, frequented the lunch buffet at “Thorn Tree (Open air) Eatery” and at the end of the day resigned in my bed awash with the daily reports of the day while binge watching CNN from my smartphone. I thought this was the life of a corporate office kinsman. After like four years of being a dedicated office warrior, I decided to take the plunge into the startup world which means more offices and office life but with more freedom like a Knight wondering through the Savannah on their own pimped out horse (“laptop and other creative ways of working without supervision”) I still had to pledge my allegiance to my startup Kings and Queens (“Investors”) so that i may continue along the path of glory and enjoy the perks.

Then Winter Came (“COVID-19”).  All over sudden no office, no perks, the coffers dried up, no daily coin and basically i had to rethink about the next move as i was held up in my humble castle (“Studio apartment”) while thinking of how to hunt for my next meal. As I peered through the window of other worlds (“internet”) at my home office i suddenly started getting ravens delivering messages from distant lands from Lords and Ladies (“Customers of high substance sending emails”) I have never met before but needed my Knightly Services (“Consultancy services”). Being a hungry Knight I swung my sword (“computer mouse”) into action, prepared my saddle (“Keyboard”) and rode into battle (“dived into work”) on my Black Warrior Stallion (“Desktop Computer”). After conquering and winning some battles (“finished some work”) my esteemed Lords and Ladies (“distinguished customers”) paid me my coin for my services by sending ravens to fill my purse (“Sending me my payment to M-PESA” or “Pay-Pal”). All this happened while I’m in my humble abode. I pray that i may continue to swing my sword each day to battle during this trying times. Winter (“COVID-19”) has disrupted the office culture forever only time will tell whether our homes are the new office. What is your take?

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