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Importance of Global Business

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It is no longer acceptable for corporations to limit their operations to national or regional markets. Due to the rapid growth of technology and the expansion of international trade, corporations are willing to sell their products on worldwide marketplaces. Global business techniques assist companies in expanding their market share, reducing expenses, and becoming more lucrative. Two of the most important reasons a multinational corporation exists are: a) Market Share: Foreign trade allows enterprises to access new markets and consumers. b) Market Scope: With a large consumer base and worldwide reach, a company has a greater potential to earn more income and gain more revenue, which it will then utilize to expand its activities into other foreign markets. A substantial amount of capital is required for the establishment and upkeep of a business’s international operations. However, globalization will eventually result in lower market prices. The international economy fosters industry competition. When enterprises enter worldwide marketplaces, a confrontation with small entrepreneurs is unavoidable. In order to surpass competitors and acquire a larger market share, businesses must develop higher-quality goods and sell them at significantly lower prices. The developed and developing nations will also profit from the global economy. When multinational corporations from industrialized and established countries enter new markets in developing countries, whether through foreign direct investment or franchising, they are expected to create new employment possibilities for the local populace. Creating more jobs increases economic growth, making it simpler for industrialized nations to attract more foreign investment.

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