Importance of Narrowing your Focus

Presently we are challenged with enormous uncertainties we face in 2020 which include unprecedented unemployment worldwide, an actual threat to public health, a year of the presidential elections in some countries, global demonstrations with regards to racial injustices that led to a formidable Black Lives Matter movement which has awakened the world, a stubborn COVID-19 pandemic that has crippled the way we work and live fundamentally altering the status quo forever  and social shifts we have never seen before in a generation.

My observation was to reflect on something you should regularly pick and concentrate on for the rest of 2020. You know that you can drive your business venture forward by concentrating on this one thing that makes you feel like superman. What is the only basic thing that you should be selling to your ideal customer? You need to keep a laser sharp focus and simplify your offering in a time when customers are more cautious and less willing to engage. Eventually you will get good at it if you put the restrictions on your business. You will soon develop a deep understanding of the needs of the ideal customer. You will improve your pitch and range to make this ideal customer irresistible.

The concept of Narrow focus reminds me of my dog named Snoop. This dog is determined to get its bone full of juicy meat, a bowl of delicious milk and a dog’s feast if it plays nice by licking my hand, playing by my feet while also protecting my valuables. He knows the more he behaves well the more reward he will get so he will get to work pleasing me by also chasing away unwanted guests (“just kidding but don’t tempt Snoop”). Anyway that dog lives with a purpose and focus of serving me knowing it will be getting that juicy bone by the end of the day. Be simple like Snoop. Don’t complicate life.

Simplified marketing and outreach also simplifies your focus. Wherever your ideal customer goes, you know exactly where to go! Whoever your ideal customer trusts you would know to partner with. Narrowing down your core offerings makes you more attractive because your ideal customer knows you speak to them. In 2020, we have a golden chance to narrow our focus and stick to it-because it can only save us-and, on the other hand, it will speed up your growth!

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