The Meaning of Research and its Core Purpose

Research is defined as a systemic study for describing, explaining, predicting and controlling the observed phenomenon. Research involves inductive and deductive methods. Research methods analyze the observation phenomenon inductively, whereas deductive methods are used to verify the observations. Qualitative research involves inductive approaches and deduction methods are more commonly used in quantitative research. All professionals need research, not just students and higher learning professionals. Research is needed. For budding and veteran writers, it is also important, both offline and online. Finding an interesting subject to discuss and/or write about should go beyond personal experience between professionals and scholars. It can help to investigate either what the general public would like to know, or what scientists would like others to know or think of.

Research involves collecting information step-by-step to write your paper, create a presentation, or complete a project. The process begins with identifying a research problem or selecting the field of research. Following steps are the literature review, research objective formulation, goals, questions or hypotheses. Data collection, analysis, interpretation, reporting, assessment and disclosure of research findings are the processing steps. Research’s main purpose is to inform action, prove a theory, and contribute to knowledge development in a field or study. The following points highlight the importance of research:

  • A tool for cultivating knowledge and for supporting learning
  • A means of understanding issues including those in the public domain
  • Facilitates business strategy and decision making
  • A method of discovering fraudulent information and proving truthful data
  • Means to Find, measure, and make use of opportunities
  • An enabler that facilitates the love of reading, writing, analyzing, and sharing valuable information
  • Nourishes the mind

The research process is to identify, locate, evaluate and analyze the information you need to support your research question and then develop and express your ideas. These are the same skills that you need when writing a report, making a proposal, or making a presentation. Research involves the step-by-step process of collecting information for writing your paper, creating a presentation, or completing a project. As you move from one step to the next, it is often necessary to reconsider, review, add additional material or even adjust your topic.

A good research has qualities that mean that the criteria for scientific research are complied with. The features include:

  • Clearly defined research scope and limitation.
  • Clear research process for other researchers to verify and replicate.
  • Ethical standards application
  • Adequate data analysis and explanation.
  • Clear presentation of data-verified findings and conclusions.

The main objectives of research are, as professional consumers of research, to enhance knowledge within the discipline and to increase knowledge within oneself to inform. Each research should therefore attempt to contextualize its results in the broader research array. This is an ongoing process to correct and refine hypotheses that should result in certain scientific truths being accepted. Research should therefore always be of high quality to create knowledge that is applicable outside of the framework of research.

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