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Cory and Corey on Marketing a WordPress Product Live: Season 2 Session 1
byCory Miller, Corey Maass

In this podcast episode, Corey Maass and Cory Miller discuss plans for the second season of their show. They consider rebranding and focusing on marketing a WordPress product. They discuss potential topics such as selling and scaling a business, and the progress they’ve made with their WordPress product. They also discuss the importance of open graph data, optimizing images for SEO, and the value of simplicity in marketing a WordPress product. They plan to submit a talk to a WordCamp and provide tools to optimize content sharing. They also discuss upcoming product features and the importance of providing value to their audience.

Top Takeaways:

  • Product Value Proposition: The conversation underscores the value proposition of their product, focusing on its ability to simplify complex tasks related to image optimization and branding. The product is positioned as a solution that goes beyond existing options in the market, providing a unique set of features.
  • Anticipation of New Features: The anticipation of upcoming features, such as branding, watermarking, and pixel-perfect device mockups, is highlighted. This serves as a persuasive element for potential customers, suggesting that the product will continue to evolve and provide additional value beyond its initial offerings.
  • Cost of Staying in the Status Quo: A recurring theme revolves around the “cost of staying where you’re at.” The conversation emphasizes that maintaining the status quo, especially in terms of content visibility and marketing efforts, may have negative consequences. This concept is presented as a compelling reason for users to consider their product.
  • Balancing Technical Details and Simplicity: The participants discuss the balance between catering to users who may want to delve into technical details and those who seek a simplified solution. The product is positioned as a tool that can be beneficial for both types of users, providing straightforward solutions while acknowledging the more intricate aspects for those interested in them.

Mentioned in the Show:

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