Our Services

Business Consulting

Creating Meaningful Value.
  • Business Development: We assist businesses in creating long-term value in terms of clients, markets and interaction. It can mean any activity by either a tiny or large non-profit or for-profit company that serves the objective of improving the company in some manner.
  • Marketing: We help businesses understand the marketing process which entails creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have immense value for their customers, clients, partners and the community at large.
  • Research: We guide individuals, scholars, professionals, institutions and businesses to understand their subject matter of interest as well as expand their intellectual horizon.
  • Strategy: We help guide business leaders to formulate strategy that determines the direction and scope of their businesses over the short term and long term.

Design Consultancy

Creating Memorable Experiences.
  • User Experience (UX) Design: We offer UX design to help you generate products and services that provide consumers with appropriate and meaningful experiences.
  • User Interface (UI) Design: We offer UI design by creating immersive experiences that focus on integrated environments to suit the clients needs. As designers we strive to produce user-friendly and magical journeys.
  • Copywriting: We believe in using the art of word, images and creative assests to create urgency for your clients to get in on the action. Seduce your target market in style.
  • Graphic Design: Through graphic design we offer enchanting experiences that will transform your product, service, messaging or business to have an impressive and memorable experience in a competitive landscape.

Workplace Solutions

Simplify your Life and Get work Done.
  • MOSANIY Scribe: We offer solutions such as typing, editing, proofreading, document design, referencing and copy-writing.
  • MOSANIY Social: We offer you the ultimate arsenal of social media brand-building assets. Make a Statement as you mingle on Social Media.
  • MOSANIY QR Code: We provide smartphone users with an organic connection between offline and online worlds, magically.
  • MOSANIY Digiwork: We offer bundled services such as graphic design, web development, content development, consultancy, social media management and analytics on a monthly basis. Digiwork has monthly plans such as; (Starter; Essential, Business & Alpha).
  • MOSANIY Delux: We offer a broad range of customized services to suit your preferences. It’s all about crafted solutions to make your life a worthwhile adventure. Be at the forefront of crafting your own reality. Be the Emperor of your Kingdom!

Create delightful experiences that will move your soul and make each moment something to treasure.

Create an Aura of Creativity. Discover captivating possibilities and make your mark.

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