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The Essence of a Great Leader

by Mosaniy Editorial
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As bold members, we must be prepared to represent our leaders and the organization’s common good. Serving a leader requires understanding when to speak on behalf of the leader and when to inform the leader. It requires tremendous bravery to truly represent a leader. A skilled leader will assist their followers in maintaining a low level of tension, which will improve their creative energy. There are numerous times in which followers will criticize their leader, but we must also protect our leader. They should be contemplating the qualities of our leaders. The contingency perspective is essential in management because it is an extension of the humanistic perspective, which accepts that the successful settlement of business problems is contingent on executives recognizing fundamental gaps in the current scenario. Managers are tasked with determining which techniques will work in each new scenario. As managers learn to detect major trends and features of their firms, they are able to adapt to those trends and characteristics and build the appropriate management personality to drive the team and handle the current difficulties. A strong Communicator would make an excellent leader. Words have the ability to motivate people to undertake the unimaginable. Even a leader can achieve better results through excellent interaction. In addition to having a vision for the future, a leader must be able to make the right judgment at the appropriate time. A leader in today’s fast-paced environment must be both creative and innovative to achieve success. It is the leader and his or her team’s inventiveness and ingenuity that set them out from the crowd. Before making a decision, it is highly suggested that a leader communicate with key stakeholders in order to prevent taking unnecessary risks.

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