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In the Shawn Levy-directed comedy “The Internship,” Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson play two salesmen who lose their jobs and wind up interning at Google. The story follows the individuals as they attempt to establish themselves among the workforce of the tech behemoth while navigating its competitive environment. Along the way, they pick up important lessons about creativity, collaboration, and the value of keeping true to oneself. After some time, the characters are able to land full-time jobs at Google, proving that anyone can succeed in the tech sector if they put in the effort and keep at it.

“The Internship” delves into issues of ageism and the difficulties of adjusting to new technologies and ways of working in addition to the primary plot. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters, who are both in their 40s, first have a hard time keeping up with the younger Google interns and employees, but they ultimately show that they are just as capable as the tech-savvy millennials. A romantic subplot between one of the main protagonists and a Google employee is also included in the movie, bringing a hint of romanticism to the comedy. Overall, “The Internship” is a cheery comedy that champions the value of perseverance and hard work while simultaneously emphasizing the significance of remaining open to fresh experiences and chances.

Movie Release Date: 29th May 2013

Key Insights

Among the most important lessons learned from the film are:

1. The importance of working together as a team: The main protagonists in the film start out at a disadvantage because they lack the same level of technical know-how as the other interns. But in the end, they are successful because they collaborate well and make use of their various talents.

2. The value of flexibility: The characters face challenges in learning new technology and adjusting to a new work environment. But in the end, they are successful because they are curious and open-minded.

3. The value of tenacity: Despite the challenges the protagonists endure throughout the film, they never give up. They continue to work hard and advance, which ultimately results in success.

4. The importance of diversity: The film demonstrates the benefits of having a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. In the film, the winning team is made up of members who range in age, background, and outlook on life.

5. Learning from Failure: Throughout the film, the characters endure setbacks and disappointments, but they use these experiences to develop and improve.

6. Accept change: The protagonists first oppose the concept of working as interns at Google, but they accept the opportunity and succeed as a result. This emphasizes the significance of being adaptable and seizing new chances.

7. Networking: Characters establish connections with people throughout the business, which ultimately helped them land jobs.

8. Enthusiasm and commitment: The characters are enthusiastic about what they are doing and evidently devoted to giving it their all. Their success is largely due to this.

While “The Internship” is primarily a comedy, it also contains insightful business principles that may be used in real-world scenarios. These include the value of teamwork, flexibility, perseverance, diversity, learning from mistakes, embracing change, networking, and passion.


It’s also critical to remember that the movie is a work of fiction and that the actions depicted within are not encouraged in reality and shouldn’t be imitated.

Image Courtesy of: The Movie Database (TMDB)

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