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The Pursuit of Happyness

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Gabriele Muccino’s 2006 American historical drama The Pursuit of Happyness, a struggling salesman who loses everything and ends up on the streets with his young kid. Based on Christopher Gardner’s memoir of the same name, the movie depicts his attempts to improve his son’s and his own lives by working as an unpaid intern at a brokerage firm. Christopher Gardner eventually finds work as a stockbroker and achieves financial success in spite of various challenges and setbacks. The movie is a stirring account of tenacity, endurance, and the strength of the human spirit. The movie opens with Christopher Gardner, a medical equipment salesman who is striving to make ends meet and support his five-year-old son. Despite his best efforts and efforts to sell his goods, he is unable to earn enough money to cover his expenses and keep a roof over his family’s heads. He eventually loses his home and is forced to relocate in a shelter with his son.

In the midst of this challenging time, Gardner is given the chance to take part in a six-month unpaid internship at a stock brokerage company. Knowing that this could be his chance to start over, he seizes the opportunity. Gardner puts forth a lot of effort, impressing his boss with his commitment and work ethic despite having to juggle his duties as a father and his internship position. Gardner is able to lift himself and his son out of poverty after receiving a job offer as a stockbroker at the end of the internship. In The Pursuit of Happyness, a man’s will to overcome hardship and improve his son’s and his own lives is depicted. The movie is strong and moving. Through the ups and downs of Gardner’s journey, the movie demonstrates that anyone can fulfill their aspirations with effort, tenacity, and a little bit of luck.

Movie Release Date: 15th December 2006

Key Insights

1) Determination and perseverance can lead to success: Gardner’s determination to provide for his son and improve his life is a key theme throughout the movie. Despite facing numerous obstacles and setbacks, he never gives up and continues to work hard towards his goal.

2) Never give up on an opportunity: Gardner saw an opportunity in the unpaid internship at the brokerage firm and he took it even though he was homeless, with no assurance of a job at the end, but he saw it as a chance to change his life.

3) The power of networking: Gardner is able to land the internship, and eventually the job, through networking and building relationships with the right people.

4) The importance of a positive attitude: Even when things are tough, Gardner maintains a positive attitude and believes that things will get better. This helps him to stay motivated and focused on his goal.

5) The importance of hard work: Gardner works hard to impress his boss and earn a job as a stockbroker. His hard work and dedication pay off in the end.

6) Being a good listener: Gardner pays attention to what his boss says and what his coworkers say. He uses their advice to improve his performance and to advance in his career.

7) Don’t let failure define you: Gardner experiences many failures in his sales job and in his internship, but he doesn’t let them define him. Instead, he uses them as learning opportunities and as motivation to succeed.


It’s also critical to remember that the movie is a work of fiction and that the actions depicted within are not encouraged in reality and shouldn’t be imitated.

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