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Understanding Wants Perspective in Marketing

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Marketing to customer demands requires first identifying those wants. Businesses with already-available items can simply ask their consumers why they choose to do business with them. Why do they need the item, exactly? Besides being useful, what else does it accomplish for them? Emotional triggering factors are a wonderful place to start when determining wants. A driver seeking for an automatic transmission in a car might want a simpler approach to navigate rush-hour traffic. Relief and comfort may serve as their emotional catalyst. For their young family’s sake, a car buyer seeking a five-star safety rating might wish to feel at ease. Security, satisfaction, or even terror may act as emotional triggers in this situation. Metallic paint buyers may choose a contemporary appearance that lasts longer than other paint varieties. They seek feelings of contentment, pride, and joy. A marketing channel is the collection of operations required to develop a distribution for a product, ensure that it is delivered to the appropriate individuals, and ensure that the potential consumer is happy with it. The company’s brand messaging must be consistent with the marketing channel.

the desire for goods or services that the consumer wants but is not required to have. People seek a variety of things, including goods or services and methods of accomplishing things, to meet their insatiable needs. Your survival depends on meeting your needs. Whereas wants are ephemeral and unstable—something you could want but don’t need. People’s preferences evolve as time goes on. Culture, social status, and personality all influence what people want in different ways. By offering a variety of needs-fulfilling products, marketers can affect people’s desires. Hospitality, electronics, FMCG, consumer durables, and other industries are examples of products or sectors that fall under the desires category. You might prefer a Mercedes or a BMW for your vehicle. Maybe you ought to take a cruise. But is it possible to purchase a BMW or take a cruise? If you have the means to purchase a BMW or take a trip, then yes. Demands are thus one step ahead of wants. When someone desires something expensive but is also financially able to purchase it, their wishes become demands. Desire is the key distinction between desires and demands. A customer could want something, but he might not be able to get what he wants.

Customers may be picky and difficult, but they still need and want to feel understood and appreciated, and it is the duty of everyone in the organization to make sure that this happens in every encounter. A customer wants to know why they chose a certain business above the competition, what would keep them there, and what would push them to switch to a rival. A business could provide better customer service and better meet customer demands if they put themselves in the “shoes” of the customer. Another of the top things that customers want from a business is that it treats them fairly, which means that they are not made to feel inferior in comparison to other customers who make larger purchases, regardless of the size of their business. A business must be careful to avoid giving any consumer the impression that they are inferior, as doing so will always cause them to switch to a competitor. Every customer has the potential to grow to be a significant and important customer, so mistreating even one of them could have a significant negative impact on a business.

Another of the top customer desires is to maintain control and have the freedom to make decisions. This means that each option should be cost-effective and relevant to what consumers desire, in addition to providing them with a variety of possibilities. Customers should not be concerned with the company’s policies and procedures, and they are more inclined to do business with a firm whose employees appear to have the authority to make snap judgments and can address their questions without “consulting someone in authority.” Therefore, one of the numerous consumer desires is to make it quick and easy for them to conduct business. When a business can provide customers what they need and want, they will respond in the most unexpected yet lucrative ways. It is actually not that difficult; it only takes a little time and effort to dig deep to determine what would work best for customers.

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