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What Lord Varys Teaches about Content Strategy

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Lord Varys, often known as “Spider,” is a fictional character from the blockbuster television series Game of Thrones and the books “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin. He is well-known for his abilities to collect and spread information, as well as his manipulation and deception. The following parts of Lord Varys’s strategy can be applied to content strategy:

Information Gathering

Varys is well-known for his extensive network of informants, which he utilizes to acquire information on political and social events. In content planning, information collection is essential for identifying significant subjects, target audiences, and industry trends.

Understanding of the audience

Varys is able to comprehend the wants and desires of various audiences and uses this knowledge to influence and control them. In content planning, it is essential to comprehend your target audience in order to produce material that resonates with them and fulfills their needs.


Varys is able to modify his strategies and tactics in response to a changing environment. To be effective and relevant in content strategy, it is essential to be able to adjust and pivot as needed.


Varys is a master of storytelling and uses it as a persuasive and manipulative technique. Storytelling is an effective approach in content strategy for engaging people and communicating concepts in a memorable manner.

Stealth and Subterfuge

Varys is well-known for his use of stealth and subterfuge, which allows him to operate in the shadows. In content planning, it is crucial to be aware of the competition and to be able to separate yourself and your business from others.

Strategic thinking

Varys is a master of strategic thinking and able to design and execute intricate schemes. In order to establish a content plan that corresponds with corporate goals and objectives, strategic thinking is essential to content strategy.


Varys has the ability to control the narrative and influence the perception of his brand. In order to generate a consistent image and message across all media, branding is essential in content planning.


Varys has the ability to release information at the optimal time to enhance its impact. To reach audiences when they are most responsive and capitalize on current events and trends, content strategy requires precise timing.


Varys is able to transmit information via a variety of channels and formats. In content strategy, distribution is essential for reaching target audiences through the channels they choose and maximizing visibility and engagement.

Continual improvement

Varys is constantly seeking to enhance his strategies and techniques. To remain effective and relevant, content strategy requires constant improvement. This may involve monitoring analytics, evaluating data, and collecting feedback in order to make educated decisions regarding the direction of your content.


Lord Varys’ approach to information collection, audience comprehension, adaptability, narrative, stealth and subterfuge, strategic thinking, branding, timing, distribution, and continuous development may be adopted and implemented in a content strategy. However, it is important to remember that Varys is a fictional character and that the TV series and books contain many controversial elements. Therefore, it is essential to separate fiction from reality and consider the ethical and moral implications of any character’s actions before attempting to emulate them.

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