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What we practice grows stronger

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This phrase is frequently used to convey the idea that repetition and diligent practice can result in advancement and task mastery. A person gets better at something the more they practice it. This idea is frequently referred to as the “use it or lose it” maxim. The ability of the brain to rearrange itself by generating new synaptic connections over the course of a person’s lifetime is known as the “neuroplasticity” principle. For learning and situational adaptation, this skill is necessary.

Both physical and mental abilities fall under this statement. A person can improve their ability to play an instrument, for instance, if they practice playing it frequently. A student will also get better at answering math issues if they continuously study and practice them.

The quality of practice is just as vital as the number, it is also important to remember that. The exercise must be done correctly and with focus if one is to witness advancement and mastery. Bad habits will only be reinforced by consistently using poor technique.

Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that development is not always linear and that there may be setbacks or improvement plateaus, but with persistent effort and a clear goal, development can be achieved over the long run.

It’s also important to note that repetition can strengthen not only attitudes and habits, but also skills. We become more automatic and ingrained habits when we participate in certain behaviors, attitudes, or cognitive processes repeatedly. Because poor habits have been practiced and reinforced over time, breaking them or creating good ones can be challenging.

The need to challenge oneself and go beyond one’s comfort zone is crucial if one wants to witness ongoing growth. To continue improving, the level of difficulty must be raised as we get better at a skill or endeavor. One should gradually raise the intensity or weight of their exercise program, for instance, if they wish to become more physically fit.

Feedback and self-evaluation are crucial components of practice as well. It’s critical to evaluate the practice’s efficacy, monitor progress, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Finding areas that require attention and concentration can be done with the aid of self-reflection and self-evaluation. In conclusion, the phrase “what we practice becomes stronger” emphasizes the significance of persistent and deliberate practice in honing abilities and developing habits. Whether it’s a physical or mental skill, practice makes perfect, but quality of practice is just as crucial as quantity.

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