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Why you need to abandon your comfort zone

by Mosaniy Editorial
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Many of us default to doing, talking, watching, or eating what we are accustomed to, especially under stressful circumstances. Of course, that’s OK. It is normal for us to desire to stick with routines we are familiar with. But the more time we spend in this area, the more challenging it will be to leave it. Numerous individuals will spend their entire life there, never venturing outside to explore what they might have or might be able to accomplish. However, leading such a life has a price. Even if staying in our bubble has immediate advantages, we end up giving up the chance to have much better opportunities in the future.

It’s important to keep in mind that stepping outside your comfort zone need not be a drastic decision. You may, for instance, set a goal for yourself to speak up in a meeting that typically makes you feel uncomfortable or invite a new neighbor to join you on a stroll. Afterward, you might gradually challenge yourself to take on greater (strategic) risks.

Here are some solid reasons to try to step outside your comfort zone:

1. It cultivates inner strength

Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome is, as we all know, the definition of insanity. But some people do operate in that manner, creating a sense of stagnation and unhappiness in their daily lives. Building our inner fortitude requires us to do something novel and uncomfortable, like adopt a new activity or meet new friends. We will have gained experience that we can use in the future even if we fail, which frequently occurs. These experiences will serve as the foundational pieces that help us lead more fulfilling lives when put together.

2. You become more self-assured

We do not all come into the world with confidence. By making objectives, attaining those goals, and then setting new goals, we can develop this talent. We must take a risk and face our concerns in order to grow in confidence. Everyone has experienced the thrilling feeling of accomplishing a task they previously doubted they could complete. Our confidence will grow as we establish and accomplish more goals.

3. It increases our ability to adapt to change

The longer we spend in our comfort zones, the scarier we will find the unknown to be. However, the world is changing quickly, and those who resist change run the risk of falling behind. Change will not be as frightening to those who are already pushing their comfort zones. As a challenge that may create previously unattainable opportunities for growth, they will instead welcome a new project at work or learning a new language.

4. It enhances our imagination

Never veering off the road of what has worked before is the worst thing we can do for our creativity. We become more stuck the longer we are unwilling to consider fresh perspectives, concepts, and methods of digging deeper. By trying something new, we stimulate our imagination and inspire our creative thinking.

5. Otherwise, you’ll never know what may have been

Those who never try new things will never know what could have been if they had pushed themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of. Every successful person has taken risks, failed, got back up, and kept trying until they figured it out. Although it is always tempting to take the safe option, doing so comes with a great risk of regret. People who were nearing the end of their lives frequently express regret over things they always wanted to do but didn’t in interviews. I have never heard of someone declaring on their deathbed that they felt reassured by the fact that they avoided taking any chances and instead chose the safe route. Avoiding regret is probably the most persuasive argument for why we should step outside of our comfort zone if, as some people assert, life is about preparing for our death.


Life is safe but routine when we stick to our comfort zones. Foreseeable! If you continue operating the same way you always have, what outcomes do you expect? Every time, the same outcomes. Uninspiring! Nothing new will be able to be created in your life. Because everything goes as planned, your life becomes monotonous. Change only works when you’re willing to go through some level of suffering. Good things don’t just happen to us because we want them to; instead, they only do so when we take initiative and are prepared to push ourselves outside our comfort zones.

Comfort zone is a misleading concept. Instead of a cozy bed with plush cushions, the room sounds like a foreboding prison. There is no passion, intense emotion, thrill, or excitement in that place. There is no thrill, feeling of wonder, sparkle, or flash. Warmth, revivification, or relaxation don’t exist.

Even if it only happens once in a while, life should occasionally be exciting. There should be a range of emotions in you. You’re intended to struggle for breath, experience both joy and fear, and become electrified. In your tummy, butterflies are always fluttering. Being completely shocked. To be honest, we are shocked. Getting your socks yanked off. Drastically altering your point of view. None of these things will occur if you slump over and hold your breath while trying to keep the boat from shaking, even though you no longer want to be on it. Whether you feel comfortable or not is irrelevant. Living is the key. Just dive towards the deep end and explore.

Never stepping outside of your comfort zone will prevent you from pushing past your own limitations. It does not foster human growth, novel concepts, or new viewpoints to remain in a relatively constrained sphere of the “knowing” and “controlled.” Instead, if you want to overcome any reluctance holding you back from realizing your potential and what might be, you must occasionally take risks, embrace new challenges, and go into the unknown. We don’t have to be completely foolish and thoughtless, though, as we are not at this place to remain motionless.

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