WordPress For Beginners: A Visual Guide To Building Your WordPress Site + 22 Top WordPress Plugins

Creating a professional looking website is no longer the preserve of web developers and computer geeks. With the advent of content management systems like WordPress, anyone can now create and run a beautiful looking and responsive website that works on any device like a PC, Mac, tablet or phone.

WordPress For Beginners covers the latest version of WordPress using a step-by-step visual approach with screenshots to illustrate the concepts. This will enable you to learn faster as you can see what is being described. The main goal of WordPress For Beginners is to take you, even with zero WordPress skills, to someone who is very competent with WordPress in a few short hours.

Whether you’re a business owner or building a website for a hobby or passion, the knowledge you gain from WordPress For Beginners will save you a lot of money that would’ve otherwise been paid to a professional web developer. We’ll start right from the beginning of the process of creating a website, from how to get your domain name and web host, to configuring conditional widgets and sidebars for your WordPress site. You get to watch over my shoulder as we cover all the features provided in WP Admin that allow you to build your fully functional professional looking website.

Author: Nathan George

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