How We Work

Our craftmanship process ensures your project is managed creatively, strategically and efficiently from initial concept stage through to final delivery stage and aftersales support.
1. Market Research

Building a business, a product or service or undertaking a research endeavor is very vital as it will give you a general direction of what is supposed to be done in a more strategic perspective. MOSANIY walks with you to identify your specific position in the marketplace and device a road-map for your business or project.

2. Concept Development

Concept development helps in user testing, iterating the user experience, value chain of product or service and user centric needs. During the concept development phase, MOSANIY enables you to gain in-depth insights about how real users will interact with the product, service or messaging, who will be the core users and how you can further improve their pain points so as to deliver a seamless experience.

3. Execution

Execution aims at the successful development of new products or new services or new features or improving existing features of an existing product or service. MOSANIY follows a product development strategy to provide a framework that helps in ensuring control over the product, service, cost reduction and improved performance. At the same time a number of revisions are done so as to close loop holes and come up with a robust product, service or feature.

4. Customer Support

At the end of a project MOSANIY will schedule a roll out of the product, service or feature to the intended operational environment. It involves configuration, testing and making changes with view of performance optimization. Support will be done to ensure the client is satisfied and scheduled meetups are done to maintain the customer experience.

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