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WP-Tonic is a podcast for WordPress professionals and Bootstrap SaaS startup entrepreneurs or anybody looking to build a business online.

We cover a large number of areas with our main show. We interview some creative WordPress and startup entrepreneurs plus online experts who, with their insights, can help you build your online business.

Jonathan Denwood and Kurt von Ahnen host and produce the WP-Tonic podcast, which is one of the longest-running WordPress podcasts. Each episode brings you valuable insights with one goal: to help you generate more income and impact through online businesses.

#914 – WP-Tonic Show: How to Become a WordPress YouTube Influencer In 2024
byJonathan Denwood & Kurt von Ahnen


Special Guest Christian Taylor

How to Become a WordPress YouTube Influencer In 2024 Special Guest Christian Taylor


Unlock the secrets to becoming a successful WordPress YouTube influencer in 2024. Elevate your content and soar to stardom.

We are calling all aspiring influencers. Unleash your potential and become a sought-after WordPress expert on YouTube by tuning into our exclusive tutorial for 2024. Gain valuable insights on creating engaging content, optimizing videos for search engines, and fostering community engagement. Elevate your online presence today with our step-by-step guidance.

Special Guest Christian Taylor

#1—Christian, Can you give us a couple of key insights into your journey connected to trying to build a personal brand in 2024?

#2 – What are some critical things you have learned about building an audience on YouTube?

#3—Why do you still prefer WordPress over other website builders?

#4 – Can you tell us what common challenges the general public faces using WordPress in 2024?

#5 -Can you give us some info about your new Craylor Academy course (building a free WordPress site with Kadence)?

#6—If you had your time machine (H. G. Wells) and could travel back to the beginning of your career and business journey, what essential piece of advice would you give yourself?

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Christian Taylor



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