WPwatercooler: Dev Branch

WPwatercooler: Dev Branch – Monthly WordPress Web Development Talk Show
WPwatercooler: Dev Branch – Monthly WordPress Web Development Talk Show

WordPress from Install to launch. WPwatercooler’s Dev Branch is a live video and audio roundtable discussion from WordPress Web Development professionals from around the industry who offer tips, best practices, and lively debate on how to put the content management system to use.

DevBranch is part of the WPwatercooler Network – WPwatercooler, The WordPress Marketing Show, Dev Branch
Hosted by WordPress developer Jason Tucker, the weekly panel includes the following WP experts as well as over 500 guests since 2012.

Jason Tucker – Podcast host, web developer, and IT Director
Sé Reed – Founder at Kerredyn Collaborative,
Jason Cosper – WordPress Product Advocate

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EP32 – WP Playground’s Plugin Problem
byJason Tucker, Sé Reed, Aurooba Ahmed, Courtney Robertson, Matt Cromwell, Jason Cosper

This month on Dev Branch, we delve into the intricacies of the WordPress Plugin Directory with a keen focus on its newly rolled out feature, Live Preview. The addition of the Playground feature marks an innovative shift in user experience, granting potential users the capability to test a plugin in a live WordPress environment before integrating it into their own sites. As the conversation unfolds, the panel sheds light on the immediate challenges following its release. Many developers raised concerns after discovering compatibility issues or even outright non-functionality of their plugins with this new feature. The roundtable brings to light the broader theme of communication within the WordPress community, the importance of public dialogue, and the ongoing need for transparency and accountability in decision-making processes. There’s also a palpable sense of urging for more active involvement from plugin authors in the Make community to ensure their voices and concerns are heard. The episode winds down with an optimistic outlook on the open-source nature of the project and a call to uphold the core values that make WordPress unique.



[00:00:00] Introduction & Live Preview Overview Discussing the new Live Preview feature in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

[00:05:30] Challenges with Live Preview Developers voice concerns over compatibility issues and plugins not functioning as expected.

[00:15:20] Communication in the WordPress Community – The importance of public dialogue, understanding where conversations are happening, and addressing concerns openly.

[00:27:45] Holding the Project Accountable Emphasizing the need for transparency, accountability, and active participation in decision-making processes.

[00:37:10] The Role of Plugin & Theme Community Delving into the significant contributions and influence of the plugin and theme community in WordPress.

[00:45:20]Open Source and its Implications A reflection on the open-source nature of WordPress and the responsibilities and opportunities it presents.

[00:57:15] Moving Forward & Conclusion Closing thoughts on the importance of unity, collaboration, and upholding WordPress’s core values.

What is Dev Branch?

Dev Branch is streamed live and recorded monthly on the first friday of the month as the developer-focused discussions of the WPwatercooler Network. Dev Branch is released on its own podcast feed and made available live and on-demand in video format on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitch. Learn more how you can watch or listen to both Dev Branch and WPwatercooler by visiting our subscribe page https://wpwatercooler.com/subscribe

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