WPwatercooler – Weekly WordPress Talk Show
WPwatercooler – Weekly WordPress Talk Show

WordPress from Install to Publish. WPwatercooler is a live video and audio roundtable discussion from WordPress professionals from around the industry who offer tips, best practices, and lively debate on how to put the content management system to use. WPwatercooler is part of the WPwatercooler Network

Hosted by WordPress developer Jason Tucker, the weekly panel includes the following WP experts as well as over 500 guests since 2012.

∙ Jason Tucker – podcast host, web developer, and IT Director
∙ Sé Reed – web developer, speaker, small business advocate and Internet geek.
∙ Jason Cosper – Sr. Performance Engineer at Liquid Web

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EP483 – This Is Your Website on AI
byJason Tucker, Sé Reed, Jason Cosper

On this episode, the WPwatercooler panel, consisting of Jason Tucker, Sé Reed, and Jason Cosper, delves into the impact of AI on website creation and the broader WordPress ecosystem. They discuss the practical uses of AI for automating tedious tasks, such as generating filler content and structuring web pages, while acknowledging the potential downsides, including the commoditization of web development and the proliferation of generic, low-quality websites. The conversation also touches on the evolving role of SEO in an AI-driven landscape, the importance of bespoke, human-crafted websites, and the broader implications for web professionals. Throughout the episode, the panel debates whether AI can enhance creativity or simply lead to more homogeneous web experiences.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Hosts
  • 00:39 Podcast Availability and Discord
  • 01:12 Segue into AI Discussion
  • 01:42 ChatGPT and Website Integration
  • 02:49 AI in Content Creation
  • 04:09 AI vs. Lorem Ipsum Generators
  • 06:27 AI’s Impact on Page Builders
  • 09:05 Onboarding with AI
  • 11:23 Automation in Web Development
  • 13:30 The Role of Freelancers in an AI World
  • 14:41 Quality of AI-generated Websites
  • 16:18 AI’s Limitations in Customization
  • 18:10 AI and Web Design Homogeneity
  • 21:55 Unique Human Touch in Web Design
  • 24:26 AI and the Future of Website Development
  • 27:22 Value of Bespoke Websites
  • 29:25 Fast Food vs. Gourmet Web Design
  • 33:15 Google and SEO in an AI Era
  • 37:35 The Role of AI Assistants
  • 41:19 Small Business Websites and AI
  • 44:13 The Changing Nature of Websites
  • 50:02 The Future of SEO
  • 54:26 Conclusion and Outro
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